We offer new sailboats from the renowned Beneteau company, which has been validating the quality of its products for more than 120 years through a constant innovation system.

As Benjamin Beneteau, build his first sailing trawler in 1884, he most properly did not imagine that his pioneering spirit and passion for yachting, would be carried on by the generations how followed him and eventually made the Beneteau name would famous. The success as a leading boat building company has been earned trough generations of hard work, ship building innovation and the pioneering spirit heritage from its founder, which is still one of the corner stones in the continues development of the company.

Ultra d.o.o is the official Beneteau dealer in Croatia, we of course have adapted the pioneering spirit which is carried by the Beneteau Brand, trough our 16 years of operation, we have constantly developed and improved our service offering. We are proud to present you a large selection of new and second hand Beneteau sailing boats plus a wide range of services like charter management and yacht charter.

Our portfolio of Beneteau sailing boats include the lines Oceanis and First with boat sizes ranging from 20 to 62 feet. All Beneteau sailboats are the result of cutting edge designs with specific features for each line.

Our range of used boats includes sailboats from different Beneteau lines, but we also offer models from other boats and catamarans from other brands.

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If you are looking to buy a new sailboat without having to worry about its equipment, berth, maintenance, reservations and other costs the boat brings - we offer you our Charter management program.

As the official representative of Beneteau, Ultra d.o.o. is responsible for the sale, maintenance and servicing of Beneteau sailboats in Croatia. Ultra has been providing very professional and specific services in the nautical world for several years.

With more than a thousand islands full of natural beauty, Croatia is an ideal sailing destination and one of the best nautical spot for many sailors from all over the world. Many of them have their Beneteau sailing boats and just charter their Beneteau with us.

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Dusseldorf boot 2024

Dusseldorf boot 2024

The biggest European indoor boat show and the largest yacht and watersports show in the world is back. In 2024 we expect a very interesting Dusseldorf boot which will start on January 20th and last until January 28th.
Beneteau this year announced the exhibition of the most popular Beneteau models, the location of the stand will be Hall for sailing yachts. In 2024 at the fair, the boats on display are the following ones:


• Oceanis 34.1
• Oceanis 37.1 (new model)
• Oceanis 46.1

• Oceanis 54 Yacht
Oceanis 60 Yacht

The Cruiser-Racer boat is of the most attractive brand from the Beneteau Group with the famous FIRST line, at the boot, you will be able to discover the following models:

• First 18
• First 27
• First 36
• First 44

The Ultra Sailing sales team will be proud to be there and introduce every model to our customers and partners. We expect a very busy show, so we invite you to contact if you plan to visit so we can book our schedules and welcome you at the show in the best conditions.
We stay at your disposal for any question.

Your Ultra Sailing Team.

BENETEAU by Invitation

BENETEAU by Invitation

Discover the birthplace of the BENETEAU brand. La Bégaudière factory, in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie will welcome interested visitors from 30 November to 2 December 22023.

A unique opportunity to explore the world of BENETEAU through workshop tours, visit of models on show, encounters and conversations with the staff, architects and designers. 


  • First 44
  • First 53
  • Oceanis 51.1
  • Oceanis Yacht 54
  • Oceanis Yacht 60

If it fits your schedule, contact us on sales@ultra-sailing.hr to reserve your spot. This is an experience you are unlikely to forget!


30th November – 2nd December 2023
Visit from 10:00AM to 12:30AM
Cocktail buffet from 12:30AM to 2:00PM
Visit from 2:30PM to 5:00PM

Biograd Boat Show 2023

Biograd Boat Show 2023

Biograd Boat Show is the biggest outside nautical event in Croatia with a large selection of new and secondhand boats, worldwide brands. Ultra sailing will be present at Biograd to exhibit the new Beneteau sailing boats and represent the French shipyard to the Croatian market at the best moment of the nautical season, just in time to conclude deals with our customers.
The 2023 was a very dynamic and long and successful nautical season and we already know that 2024 should be even better, so it's time to think about your new acquisitions!

This year Ultra in cooperation with Beneteau decides to exhibit the next models:
- Oceanis 40.1
- Oceanis 46.1
- Oceanis 61.1
- First 44 (Croatian Premiere)

This year, we expect a big number of participants and visitors during the fair, it's the 25th birthday of this traditional event and Ultra Sailing is a proud partner from the early beginning. We will be pleased to welcome everyone who wants to discover the actual Beneteau sailing boats and sailing Yachts. Please feel free to contact us for any question, this year the Biograd Boat Show will start on October 25th and ends at October 29th.


Boating & Investment in 2024! Become a boat owner and join our CM program

Boating & Investment in 2024! Become a boat owner and join our CM program

Invest in Croatia and become owner of a Beneteau sailing boat with us. Ultra Sailing has selected a list of interesting boats for the next charter season we would like to offer to any interested customer or partner. The 2023 nautical season with his list of new challenges, is running in full speed right now and we must be satisfied with the charter results. Our focus is already in the 2024 nautical season and the first results are already satisfying from our experience. Ultra Sailing is always improving our service and we are proud to offer a Beneteau fleet with newer models in different layouts to adapt any market, our Beneteau boats always offer a high-level standard to our charter guests as A/C unit, extra sails, WIFI, dinghy. Our booking and our peer try to always be responsive and as much as flexible possible to any demand. Ultra Sailing is also the unique charter company able to offer the full First range for rental with First 27, First 36, First 44 and First 53 available from one unique base, the Split base.

Next season Ultra sailing plans new acquisition and new models while keep improving our existing models. The most attractive and popular models as Oceanis 40.1, Oceanis 46.1 & Oceanis 51.1 are still showing extremely good results and there is already a large interest from the market for the coming new Oceanis 37.1 available in 3 cabins & 2 heads. Our goal is to be able to show the Oceanis 37.1 at the Biograd Boat Show (already in September for those who can't wait) end of October and delivery our available boats on time ready for the 2024 season.

Beneteau during the last Dealer Convention in June in Porto announced also new innovation and mini evolution of the Oceanis 40.1 model now available with the new 4/2 layout. (more details on request).

We can offer a full package service as: Company opening Process, Financing through Croatian Leasing companies, to set the optimal configuration for any Beneteau models and take care about the administration and delivery ‘’keys in hand’’ in Croatia. In case you are interested by investing in our program, we stay at your disposal and can send concrete offers and Charter projections so you can get a basic picture of how it looks in real time.
Your Ultra Sailing Team is staying at your disposal for any requestion, please contact us: sales@ultra-sailing.hr

How it works?

1. You decide to purchase a boat and choose the model

2. Based on our experience and booking, we advise the best possible definition of the boat together with you

3. You pay a deposit (20.000 EUR + VAT for Oceanis 46.1 for example) and sign a contract and CM contract, the order is assigned to your name

4. Until the delivery, there is no payment requested from the shipyard, your only duty is to set a company in Croatia if you don't have one. This process can be handled by a dedicated lawyer and doesn't necessitate more than working 15 days

5. In meantime we put you in relation with several Croatian banks able to offer you various Leasing offers and start the approval process by checking the documentation from you. In case you don't need a Leasing, your company opened at this stage is enough.

6. About 3 weeks before the delivery, Beneteau requests the balance payment of the boat.

7. Once the boat paid, we set an appointment with the shipyard and the transport to load and bring the boat to Croatia. The transport is about 5 working days from France to Croatia. Once the boat arrives, we check everything and start the delivery process that takes one week maximum (Mast trimming, Antifouling, rigging, launching and last details). Once the boat is ready, we start the delivery process to our customer and transfer the boat to final destination (one of our 4 charter bases in Croatia).

8. Once the boat is delivered to home base, the base manager takes the boat in his possession and make sure the boat is ready and fully equipped for the charter season (safety equipment, bed-linen, kitchen inventory, dinghy, solar panels, bimini & sprayhood tends, engine service etc.). The boat can then start with the first charter week and generate incomes to the owner.

Every available models for the 2024 season is already in our booking system for the next season.

Features & Numbers:

A new Oceanis 46.1 equipped for charter will cost about 365.000EUR + VAT (456.250EUR) ready to sail in Croatia.

- The Leasing Down Payment requested is 40% of total amount, or 182.500EUR

- Your company is getting back the full VAT amount about 40 days after Leasing activation, or 91.250EUR

- This means the real net down-payment amount is 182.500 - 91.250 = 91.250EUR

- The rest of the amount (60%, or 273.750EUR) is leased in a period of 84 months

- Installment value for a classical model is 4.048,87 EUR (with interest rate of 6,7%)

2024 Season opportunities:

Become the owner and choose the best model for you considering your need and your budget. In 2024 we are able to offer Oceanis 37.1, Oceanis 40.1, Oceanis 46.1 & Oceanis 51.1. There is also an opportunity to buy a new First 44 under special CM program.

Prices, offers and CM projections can be sent on request, feel free to ask!